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Single Working Ladies Enjoyed a Worthwhile Retreat

After few weeks of preparation and great anticipation for a worthwhile fellowship, forty-eight single working ladies surely had fun in Bluroze Farms and Resort in Lipa City last Monday, August 25. Taking advantage of a day without phone calls from their clients and respective bosses, the working ladies delighted in the granted momentary ease from a bunch of responsibilities. Manifesting freedom from stress, the group rather immersed into a relaxing, godly gathering. With the occasion’s thrust, “Arise and Be Doing” inspired by 1 Chronicles 22:16, they were showered with revival from the Word of God and much blessings from the set of activities packed for the whole day.

Highlighting the event was the visit to CBBM-Lipa Mission house which was just a few blocks away from the venue. Meanwhile, Mission Preacher Boyet de Leon charged the ladies to answer the Four Calls of a Christian. He reiterated from Matthew 28:18-20 that there is the Call from Above which is echoed through Christ’s mandate of the Great Commission; the Call from Within which is the conviction of the Holy Spirit so we must win the lost; the Call from Without which is the cry of the millions; and the Call from Beneath which is from the multitudes in hell begging that their loved ones be saved. Henceforth, a great opportunity was given to the ladies when, right after that devotion, they were ushered to the streets of Barangay Lodlod and gloriously won souls which can be numbered close to 100.

To add to the excitement, they explored the grandeur of the nature park as they actively participated in the games and engaged in a brisk walk around the facility’s perimeter. The event was concluded with an activity called the Johari Window in which each individual was given the chance to evaluate herself and be evaluated as well by fellow young ladies in the class who are closest to her. By this, the essence of the theme was truly restated, by the grace of God. Praise be to God who made this fellowship a success; thus, the credit goes to the church’s reinforcement of an effective Sunday School for Young People and Adults. To God be the Glory!


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