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CBBC Missions Conference 2014

Thriving Work Site Bible Study Celebrated its 1st Anniversary

The Bible study that is regularly conducted at the Barangay Hall of Urdaneta Village, Makati City victoriously held its first anniversary celebration last September 24. With Dr. Ed preaching the Gospel to 48 attendees, the occasion resulted in the salvation of 40 souls.

The blessing-filled program exhibited God’s greatness, goodness and graciousness through the declared testimonies of thanksgiving and praises to the Lord for the changed lives and heavenly benefits being received from God through listening to His Word. Likewise, the Barangay Captain expressed his appreciation to the participants who are exerting their efforts to make the Bible Study a vital part of their weekly schedule.

Considered as an office or work site Bible study, such spiritual endeavor is a product of believers’ prayer, preparation, participation, and especially of God’s power, provision and performance. Through the Holy Spirit’s work, along our Church’s program, and their desire to win souls and to share the Gospel of Christ, Sis. Angeli Beth Abel and Sis. Emily Aguilar who are both dentists in the said Village initiated the Bible study a year ago. Today, the weekly Bible study has an average attendance of 20 being attended by Barangay staff and police force, with Rev. Jun Garapan preaching and teaching God’s Word.


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