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Let us make 2016 the greatest year in the history of Christian Bible Baptist Church

Dr. Ed Laurena - Pastor

News and Updates


Singapore Outreach Held Victorious Thanksgiving and Stewardship Services

October 22-23, 2016

        "O give thanks unto the LORD, for He is good: for His mercy endureth for ever" - Psalm 107: 1. Thus was proclaimed by our brethren in our Singapore Outreach for the victory which God had wrought in their Thanksgiving and Stewardship services last October 22-23. Likewise, they testified that they were greatly privileged to have Pastor, Dr. Ed Laurena, as their speaker for that occasion.
          On Saturday, October 22, Pastor Ed was able to fellowship with the owner of their meeting place in "Lucky Plaza". They thank God for the owner who let them rent his place for a very low price during Sunday and for free every Saturday. On their service that day, they had 19 in attendance with 3 visitors.
          Meanwhile, on Sunday morning, there were 42 attendees with 11 visitors. Though the place was really packed, the atmosphere was beaming with gladness and excitement. Their new attendees were also very happy to hear Pastor Ed preach for the first time.
          To God be the glory!

CBBC Men Went Out  Soulwinning

October 07, 14, 2016

        For two consecutive weeks, the men of Christian Bible Baptist Church went out Soul Winning with Dr. Ed Laurena. On their first soul winning pursuit last October 7, the men went to Tunasan, Muntinlupa City and handed out tracts, shared the Gospel, and knocked on doors of houses and business establishments as well. By God's grace there were around 400 professions of faith.

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1st AM Service 8:00 AM

Sunday School 9:45 AM

2nd AM Service 11:00 AM
Baptist Youth Fundamentalist 2:00 PM
7-Stage Discipleship 3:00 PM

Children's Discipleship 3:00 PM

Men's Leadership Training 3:00 PM

SS Divided Fellowship 4:30 PM
Afternoon Service 5:30 PM


Churchwide Area Soulwinning and Visitation


Soulwinning 5:00 PM
Prayer Meeting 7:00 PM


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